Anna Hindman interview for ‘American Siege’

The past week we have been interviewing the cast of the new action movie starring Bruce Willis and directed by Edward Drake called American Siege. It has been an absolute blast doing these interviews and here is ours with the wonderful actress Anna Louise Morse.

AJ: So, thank you so much for joining me today. How was your experience like on American Siege. Because this was done all in eight days. So that had to be really interesting to be a part of that.

Anna Hindman: Yes, it was an absolute whirlwind, in the best way. It, well, I, I got the news that I was cast about 12 hours before I was on set. So that also was kind of a whirlwind and I didn’t really know what to expect originally. They told us it would be about 14 days of filming, but we got it all done in eight days. It was a little chaotic and a great way. We had Edward Drake, our director was just absolutely fantastic. He had such a vision and he kept us going that whole time. He was like our fearless leader, the ring leader. He really kept us on track and got us to where we needed to go. And so it wouldn’t have been possible without him. And of course, just the professionalism of every single person on that casting crew. Everyone had such a passion for what they were doing.

AJ: Right. And when I was watching this, I felt like Bruce Willis really knocked it out of the park because lately, you know, he’s kind of this extended cameo, but he was really invested in this film. So how was it like on set, having such a veteran actor, such as Bruce and not only Bruce, but Tim as well on this were both fantastic.

Anna: Absolutely. Bruce Willis knocked it out of the park. He just really embodied that character and working with him was an honor. I just had the best experience working with him. He was very down to earth. He was joking around on set, but then once, once we started filming, he just turned on that professionalism. He dove right into character, going back and forth with him on camera was really great. Because you know, gives you, gives you a great performance and, and it was really easy to work with him. Uh, the same for Timothy, I didn’t have any direct scenes with him, but I saw him on set, got to talk with him on set. He was just so warm and welcoming, super professional. Uh, you wouldn’t know how nice he is based off his character. but yeah, everyone would were just really fantastic.

AJ: You got to film this in Georgia as well, how much of the town did you get to take in while filming if any?

Anna: Quite a lot, actually. So we got to shoot in a few different places. We mostly shot at the house location, which, um, I felt so bad for the owner. We absolutely destroyed that house. And somehow, Corey and the rest of the crew, they put that house back together in record time, but we were literally shooting that house up. And so I got one or two days where I got to explore, the cinematographer and I, we went and walked to this very large chicken. they’re building this like big, I think it’s supposed to be an apartment chicken somewhere and it’s really fun. We went, I got to explore downtown. I got to see a little bit of the town and it was, everyone was so welcoming and excited. And so it was a beautiful place to shoot.


AJ: And like you said, you filmed inside the house and it got destroyed. How was it like working with that part of the cast with Rob and everybody there as well?


Anna: Yes, that was, those are like my, my core people right there, like at Rob was the first one to talk to me on set and I was just so nervous. And so having someone so friendly, just start striking up a conversation. We became fast friends. Johan was absolutely, he plays my big brother and I felt like he was my big brother by the end of the, the eight days. Uh, Colin was just the most like humble and fantastic guy you could ever meet just a wonderful, wonderful actor. And so that experience getting to really, like, you felt like you were in, in battle with these people. Like they, they were really like on my side during the whole thing.

AJ: What was probably your favorite experience filming American Siege?


Anna: I would say the fight scenes. I was not expecting to book a role that was gonna be in an action film. So that was kind of like little added special thing that I got to do some fight scenes with, Bobby Lane in, he was our stunt coordinator and fight coordinator. We did a fun fight scene where I like take down a guard. there was a lot of like special effects that was awesome to look at on screen.

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