Allen Maldonado Interview for ‘American Carnage’

As our interviews continue for American Carnage we got to talk with Allen Maldonado who plays Big Mac in the film, we discuss how fun it was playing a wild card like this on screen and being free to say whatever the character wanted to say on camera. Also we talk about his future projects including a House Party remake/reboot for HBO Max. American Carnage is now in Theaters, On Digital, and On Demand.

AJ: So Allen, how did you get involved with American Carnage?

Allen: Uh, just the, the traditional audition process, um, audition for it. I think I went back two times and eventually won over the role.

AJ: And big Mac is kind of a wild card and American card. Right. So how much fun did you have bringing that character to whites?

Allen: Oh, man. I had a blast, being able to say and do some of the wild things that he does in this film. I wouldn’t have license to do right in real life. So, I was able to take some liberties in this, in this film that I, uh, often aren’t able to. So, um, yeah it was a fun, fun opportunity to have some crazy moments on camera.

AJ: Right. And this is such an ensemble cast, right? I mean, you got Jenna Ortega, I just talked to Bella last week about this film. Mm-hmm and so how was it like working with the cast on American carnage as well?

Allen: Incredible, man. You know, Jenna is a superstar. I’m energized with excitement of where her career has taken off from when we began shooting this film Bella is, you know, I love her with all of my heart. She’s incredible and talented out of this world. To be able to spend three and a half months filming with them in Spain,it was a dream come true.

AJ: Oh man. You get to experience any of the culture in Spain while you were down there filming.

Allen: Yeah. I bought a Matador I bought a full, authentic bull fighting suit. I definitely enjoyed the culture and tried to explore and embrace and just absorb as much as I could. I truly love Spain.

AJ: Right. And as an actor on set the production designed by Monica on American Carnage, Bella was talking about how, you know, it was really amazing to see them because it freed you guys up to really focus in and not have to use like so much imagination on how things were going, cuz they were so realistic. So what were some of your thoughts on Monica’s [production design]?

Allen: Production Design man? it was incredible, man. They, they did locations that they picked were, you know, stunning. We were in castles in some of those places. Like it was like Spain had some incredible architecture and buildings, and the way they were able to manipulate it for this particular world, is extraordinary being that, you know, we were in Spain, but you didn’t know we were in Spain, we were able to hold on. Beautiful. relax my dog. Yeah.

AJ: My cat’s the same way. Each time I have a zoom meeting, my cat has to try to get in

Allen: Oh, how to get it. Be superstar had to get in to keep it on camera. Yeah. Yeah. But, uh, but yeah, the sets and the locations, everything really helped, as in, you know, help the esthetic of what we were trying to do and also our performances.

AJ: Right. And well, reading the script. There’s a lot of allegories on how reviewed today’s culture as well. Right? Like that had to be amazing to read the script and see everybody’s character. So fleshed out and well written once you don’t see in a lot of movies now easily, a lot of characters, just get you to point a to point B. Right. But everybody in this was so well written. So that had to feel amazing too, when being a part of American carnage.

Allen: Yeah. Yeah. Now the writing was, the writing was spot on man and the way they were, it made everything feel so well rounded. That’s what I’m excited for people to, you know, get opportunity to see the film and really enjoy, uh, the storytelling.

AJ: And so have you gotten a chance to watch the tennis product of American gardens yet?

Allen: I think the copy that I did have is the, I think I’m, I think I may have, but I may have not. So I’m excited to go this weekend and buy the tickets and watch it.

AJ: So what are your most anxious about marching this with the crowd? If any, are you like ready or nervous to get like the reactions from the crowd?

Allen: I’ve had so many movies come out where I’ve gotten over that um, like, and it’s gotten better over the years being that I remember I would invite people to the movies and I would have like one line in it. And that was crazy to now, like I’m stars of movies. So it is better now. I’m like, well, at least you get to see me more than for 30 seconds. . Cause it was times that people showed up. Like, did we miss it? I’m like, yes, you showed up eight minutes late. Like I’m, I’m out the movie. Like like you gonna have to buy the ticket again. So, now it just feels really cool to, to have people there watching my work.

AJ: All right. So what’s next for you after American Carnage?

Allen: Well, um, I have another movie coming out at the end of this month, uh, called house party, uh, July 28th. Um,

AJ: Oh, is that on, uh, HBO max?

Allen: That is correct. Yeah. Yeah. That’ll be the 28th of July. The second season of wonder years will be coming out this fall, along with the second season of my show kills. You gotta look out for my next project. I’m in the new tomb raider animated series on Netflix. That’ll be coming out and I got a bunch of stuff I can’t speak of right now, but, uh, I will soon. I’m excited for the future.

AJ: All right, Allen, great meeting you and nice talking to you.

Allen: Thank you, AJ.

AJ: Have a great day, Allen

Allen: You too, brother.

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