A Brand New Video Game Based On ‘Friday the 13th’ is in Development

According to Harry Manfredini, an upcoming video game based on the Friday The 13th franchise is currently in development.

During the Camp Crystal Lake Reunion this past weekend, Harry disclosed to William Lockwood that a new company will be creating the video game and Gun Media will not be participating in this iteration. According to a post on www.relyonhorror.com, this information was revealed to Lockwood during the event.

According to his recent announcement, he will be contributing to a new project related to Friday the 13th, but the company responsible for its production has yet to be disclosed. Unlike the previous title created by Gun Media, the characters in this game will be more lifelike. Manfredini also mentioned that the new game will have a different style than the previous asymmetrical multiplayer version. Although he didn’t have much information about the game, he confirmed his participation in its development.

Source: http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/

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