25 Foot Tall Inflatable Michael Myers Available Just in Time For Halloween

This year, HalloweenCostumes.com is aiming to challenge Home Depot’s dominance by introducing a range of oversized outdoor Halloween decorations of their own, in an attempt to attract customers and compete in the market.

Pre-orders for three distinct inflatable Michael Myers decorations, ranging in height from 8 feet to an astounding 25 feet, are now available on HalloweenCostumes.com. These decorations are officially licensed and guaranteed to add a chilling presence to any Halloween display.

According to the company, these inflatables are both officially licensed and sold exclusively by them. They are currently available for pre-order, and the company anticipates that they will be in stock by mid-September.

There are three variations of Michael Myers inflatables, each of which bears a striking resemblance to one another. However, as the height of each inflatable increases, so too does the price. The 8-foot version can be purchased for $119.99, while the 15-foot version is available for $299.99.

If you desire to acquire the Michael Myers replica that stands at a towering height of 25 feet, it will require an investment of $499.99.

Each of the three inflatable decorations showcases the iconic character of Michael Myers, depicted with a blood-stained knife, indicating that he has recently claimed another victim. The likeness of Michael is inspired by the portrayal in John Carpenter’s timeless classic.

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